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The Image System Engineering Toolbox for Biology - ISETBIO - is a Matlab toolbox for calculating the properties of the front end of the visual system. This includes a description of the scene, the optics and retinal image, the capture of light by the photopigment, the photocurrent responses in the receptors, bipolar responses, and retinal ganglion cell responses.

This repository includes a WIKI that describes the software as well as many examples of how to perform computations to calculate the visual encoding of light in the eye. The WIKI also describes tools to view and and analyze the information contained the information at different neural stages. Finally, we describe the methods we use to validate and test our code.


The ISETBIO code includes a portion of Image Systems Engineering Toolbox (ISET) that is sold by Imageval Consulting, LLC. That code is designed to help industrial partners design novel image sensors. The ISETBIO portion of the ISET code is freely distributed for use in modeling image formation in biological systems.

ISETBIO also includes the WavefrontOptics code developed by David Brainard, Heidi Hofer and Brian Wandell. That code implements methods for taking adaptive optics data from wavefront sensors and calculating the optical blur as a function of wavelength for model human eyes. The toolbox relies on data collected by Thibos and colleagues. We also gratefully acknowledge important contributions from Jon Winawer.