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author Neil Franklin, last modification 2006.12.22
This text (and all dphys-config) are copyright ETH Zuerich Physics Departement,
  use under either modified/non-advertising BSD or GPL license

Introduction to dphys-config configuration file manager for Unix systems


This program is aimed at automatically installing/updating and removing of
configuration files to our 100s of systems, driven by an simple file and place
and script list.


This program should work on any Unix system which has wget installed. But has
only been tested on our Debian Linux 3.1 (sarge) systems and FreeBSD 6.1.


This project has produced an script for fetching config files from an config
web site, preprocessing them, installing them in the correct places and then
triggering postinstall scripts. The same script can also remove config files
not needed any more, after triggering preremove scripts. And an init.d script
and cron job that run this script at boot and every night, so hosts stay


This project is fully open source. Documentation gets written together with the
code. Everything I write is immediately available for download. Current version
is what I am working on, if I write a bug you crash the next day. Older stable
versions are archived as Milestones.


Working package, in productive use on over 100 machines.


There is a installation guide at:


There is a FAQ file at: