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Farty Fart

Two players, each to pick farty foods. The more you pick FARTY FOOD , the more you fart! Pick smart, pick quick and fart BIG!

How to Play:

Each player has 10 seconds to use mouse to select the food that could make biggest fart. Go fast and pick the food causing gas the most. Go big or go home! Farty fart LET'S FART

Development & Technologies

Farty fart was built using HTML, CSS, Javascript and the jQuery library.

User Stories

  • As a user, I am greeted with two Fart Masters- French bulldogs on each side of the game borad (Player1 and Player2).
  • As a user, I have 10 seconds to pick the as many as possile foods and also the foods casue the most gas.
  • As a user, I can click on "Start" and all the cards flip to show farty foods.
  • As a user, I select the farty foods in 10 seconds. When time is up. Next player's turn.
  • As a user, another user clicks "Start" to follow the exact same process.
  • As a user, after player2 get fart score, announce the winner.


  • 16 Choices of foods
  • Switch player's scores between 2 players
  • Annoumce winner after sencond player finished
  • Randomize farty food

Dream Features

  • Dog animations
  • Foods animations
  • Cards highlighted when clicked
  • Enter player's names
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