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Tool to visualize your adventures in Elite Dangerous
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Elite Exploration Map

This is a simple tool to draw a picture of your adventure in the Elite Dangerous Universe. This uses data sent to EDSM. You'll need to set up a tool like EDDiscovery or Elite Dangerous Market Connector to send your data there, which is outside the scope of this tutorial.


You will need python3 and pygame to use this application. On Mac, this might look something like

brew install python3
pip3 install pygame


Download the latest EDSM nightly dump. Save this in the same directory as the code.

Export your flight logs - save the main flight logs as "all.txt" and the first-discovered flight logs as "first.txt".

Then run

./ parse
./ draw

The parse step will take several minutes depending on your CPU. It will print out a message every 100000 stars that get scanned. Drawing will be simpler: it will draw every system you have seen with a yellow pixel and every system you discovered first with a green pixel.


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