IntelliJ IDEA iBatis/MyBatis plugin with basic features
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Small IntelliJ IDEA iBatis/MyBatis plugin.


Existing plugin won't work properly in recent IDEA versions, and I use iBATIS in my project. I solve my own problems myself, thus this plugin includes a set of features I use on a daily basis. Feel free to post feature requests:


  • iBATIS: Supports multiple sqlMap configurations per module. In fact it does not even bother with configurations (yet), only sqlMap files matter.
  • iBATIS: "Go to Declaration" for literal expressions, e.g. inside spring's SqlMapClientOperations#queryForObject parameters etc.
  • iBATIS: "Find Usages" for sqlMap statements
  • iBATIS: Copy Reference (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C) copies qualified statement name to clipboard
  • iBATIS: Statement id completion inside any literal expressions
  • iBATIS: Some basic sqlMap file navigation
  • iBATIS: Quick Documentation (Ctrl+Q) on statement id in java code shows statement sql
  • iBATIS: Concatenated literals supported as statement references
  • MyBatis: Proxy interfaces support, "Go to Implementaion" jumps right into mapper xml
  • MyBatis: Proxy interface methods inspection, methods that have no mapper implementation marked as error
  • MyBatis: Some basic mapper file navigation