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Smart Lights for Yeelight


Smart Lights for Yeelight is created to control your bulbs in form of a Mac OS tray app. The user interface is kept simple and clean to integrate seamlessly in your OSX device.


To be able to use this tool, you need to set your Yeelight device in LAN-Control mode at first. This enables the device control through your local network. Vice Versa the client needs to be in the same network. Use the Yeelight App on your smartphone to activate this option.

Direct Download

Getting Started

Angular Logo Electron Logo

This project is build with Angular and Electron. I had only the possibility to test the tool with one Yeelight RGB Bulb. In case of strange application behaviour, please let me know through the issue tracker. In case you want to make your own adjustments, you have to following options.

Clone this repository locally :

git clone

Install dependencies with npm :

npm install

To build for development

  • in a terminal window -> npm start

Included Commands

Command Description
npm run electron:mac On a MAC OS, builds your application and generates a .app file of your application that can be run on Mac