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You can start up the DrawingApp application by opening the project file "DrawingApp.xcodeproj" from a MAC operating system with xcode installed and running the project.

NOTE: The project is to be run on an iOS5 iPad!

Once opened, you can select a type of shape to draw.
Some of the settings you can set are shapes, line width, dashed/non-dashed, color.

Once you have anything drawn on the screen, you can tap the shape to select it.
Once selected, the shape can change its attributes such as shapes, line width, dashed/non-dashed, and color.

One of the extra features that I implemented is that once a shape is selected, the user can use their finger to drag the shape around, ALSO, the user can decide to delete the shape if needed.

The entire screen can be cleared as well.

--- SAVE/LOAD ---
Press the save button to display a prompt asking you for a file name, if the file name is blank, then the file won't be saved. If the file name is a duplicate of an existing file, then extra letters will be tacked on to make sure there's no overwrites.

Press the load button to show a list of existing drawings, pressing a row will prompt the user to load.

When the user press the home button, or terminate the task from the multi-tasking menu bar, the current drawing will be saved. So nothing in essense should be lost.