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Commits on Sep 12, 2012
  1. p3: add in 3.1 kernel and associated changes

    pershoot committed Sep 12, 2012
    -reference isimobile (ril) and remove HC_RADIO legacy
    -change wlan interface
    -amend props
    -change tty interface
    -override media_profiles and nvaudio_conf
    -remove uevent override
    -enable voice_capable
     (for more info:
    Change-Id: Iebfef54b1acfe94a7dc23826a443308dde2183b4
Commits on Sep 1, 2012
  1. build: update fingerprint

    pershoot committed Aug 31, 2012
    Change-Id: I5769a6651d3dd4d1eb900741d47ac04ed8b3fc30
  2. recovery: fstab: use platform names

    pershoot committed Sep 1, 2012
    -reference vodaphone's ota (BULG3)
    Change-Id: I601b5426e7afc13b34a43e3ebc3dcbc9b6bfa8c6
  3. sys.prop: remove wifi.interface (common takes care of it)

    pershoot committed Jul 22, 2012
    Change-Id: Ie45c84d71bb29c399779a5dd4eaf8e8935b5b7ec
  4. system: Update kernel/wifi/misc

    pershoot committed Aug 19, 2012
    -video: tegra-ics: backport/sync with nvidia's 3.1
    -~100+ video changes from nvidia's android-nv-3.1/rel-15r7
    -media: video: avp-ics: backport/sync with nvidia's 3.1
    media: fix corner case in tegra_mediaserver
    media: tegra: avp: set emc to max for video only
    ARM: tegra: gart: Replace memory barrier with register read-back
    ARM: tegra: gart: Fix wrong initialization order
    video: tegra: add ioctl to query DC capabilities
    media: tegra_camera: Enable Null sensor
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Skip inaccurate wl_construct_reginfo() call
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Add wiphyband update for country change
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Return wl_construct_reginfo() call
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Skip country setting if unnecessary
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Add mutex to wl_update_wiphybands()
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Init locks in dhd_attach() at the beginning
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Update wiphy bands on band change
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix P2P GO hang issue
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Remove country update from wl_update_wiphybands
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Add info_string param with driver/fw/chip info
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Adjust driver/fw/chip info format
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Use proper jiffie-related functions
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Prevent HT Avail request failure to flood the log
    cpufreq: Allow adjust_jiffies for Tegra 2 SMP
    Revert "cpufreq: patch to address issue with second core forgetting min/max clock frequency
    cpufreq: do not forget min/max clock frequency on cpu hotplug
    Added improved glibc memcpy and memmove functions.
    kernel:mm: Backported vzalloc to support ZRAM
    vmscan: change shrink_slab() interfaces by passing shrink_control
    vmscan: change shrinker API by passing shrink_control struct
    -defconfig: ics: regen
    arm: mm: convert cpa_lock to mutex.
    arm: mm: Optimze cache flush in CPA.
    ARM: mm: Use CONFIG_CPA
    ARM: mm: Add config flag for CPA.
    ARM: tegra: Enable CPA.
    -defconfig: ics: regen
    mm: Ensure pte and pmd stores ordering.
    -tegra: clocks: modify usbd shared clock mapping
    usb: gadget: android: Don't allow changing the functions list if enabled
    usb: gadget: android: dump the uevents sent when changing states
    usb: gadget: android: always update the sw_connected state
    usb: gadget: android: follow proper order on disconnect
    usb: gadget: adb: Only enable the gadget when adbd is ready
    -usb: gadget-ics: sleep after gadget disconnect for VARIATION_TEGRA
    Add ACCESSORY_SET_AUDIO_MODE control request and ioctl
    USB: gadget: f_accessory: Add support for HID input devices
    USB: gadget: f_audio_source: New gadget driver for audio output
    USB: gadget: f_audio_source: Adjust packet timing to reduce glitches
    Revert "cpufreq: Allow adjust_jiffies for Tegra 2 SMP"
    Revert "wireless: bcmdhd: remove __wl_band_5ghz_a.n/2ghz.n_channel in bandlist conditional
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fill station_info packet fields
    Revert "ARM: tegra: Enable CPA."
    -defconfig: ics: unset CPA
    cpufreq: interactive: take idle notifications only when active
    USB: gadget: f_audio_source: Fix error handling and increase packet size
    -defconfig: ics: set NVMAP_PAGE_POOLS, CPA and unset NVMAP_VPR
    block: introduce the BFQ-v4 I/O sched for 2.6.38
    -video: tegra-ics: remove *3dctx*
    video: tegra: host: Fix error case memory leaks
    video: tegra: host: Do not panic on hardware timeout
    Revert "video: tegra: dc: remove bandwidth efficiency"
    -defconfig: ics: reduce TEGRA_EMC_TO_DDR_CLOCK to 2
    video: tegra-ics: dc: allow 6 underflows before reset
    -cpufreq: interactive: return back to stock values
    Revert "video: tegra: host: Fix error case memory leaks"
    Revert "video: tegra: dc: add tracing information"
    Revert "video: tegra3: dc: remove hard coded HDMI rates"
    video: tegra: add TEGRA_HDMI_74MHZ_LIMIT to config for ICS
    defconfig: ics: regen
    Revert "video: tegra: host: Fix error case memory leaks"
    Revert "video: tegra: dc: add tracing information"
    Revert "video: tegra3: dc: remove hard coded HDMI rates"
    video: tegra: add TEGRA_HDMI_74MHZ_LIMIT to config for ICS
    -defconfig: ics: regen
    kstrto*: converting strings to integers done (hopefully) right
    time: Introduce get_monotonic_boottime and ktime_get_boottime
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Use correct time from boot for TSF
    netfilter: xt_IDLETIMER: Rename INTERFACE to LABEL in netlink notification.
    USB: gadget: f_audio_source: Fix use after free in audio_unbind
    USB: gadget: f_audio_source: Fix compilation error
    mmc: Make sure host is disabled on suspend
    -Reference:,,,, arcee,,
     When HDMI is connected with the adapter, this is thrown:
     WARNING: at kernel/irq/manage.c:290 enable_irq+0x4c/0x74()
     Unbalanced enable for IRQ 106
      -To be investigated.
    Change-Id: I8c0f21297260ec1493ec9e27894fd4b77c13f1d4
  5. camera: override camera conf

    pershoot committed Sep 1, 2012
    -p3 uses a different cam
    -reference vodaphone's OTA (BULG3)
    Change-Id: Ia149c952fac73f5cb14e36e7054dd24d0a37eb65
  6. core: add video/media related props from vodaphone's OTA (BULG3)

    pershoot committed Sep 1, 2012
    Change-Id: I529d4c570bbf43d41b56fc0734e4df2252771150
Commits on Jul 11, 2012
  1. system: Update kernel

    pershoot committed Jul 11, 2012
    -usb: gadget-ics: fsl_udc_core: bring back fsl_udc_restart logic
    -cpufreq: interactive: remove event tracing
    -usb: gadget-ics: fsl_udc_core: bring back vbus_active logic
    -defconfig: ics: regen
    -usb: gadget-ics: backport/sync from kcrudup's ics-2.6.39
    ARM: tegra: clock: Disable boot clocks before dvfs init
    -mmc: host: sdhci: sync with nvidia’s 2.6.36
    -smd: update from GT-I9103_GB_Opensource_Update1
    -misc: config: remove NOT_SUPPORT_SIMDETECT
    Change-Id: I496cfe37f8cb47df338a82b9bda67ee9d4d18200
Commits on Jun 24, 2012
  1. system: Update kernel/wifi/misc

    pershoot committed Jun 24, 2012
    PM: Reintroduce dropped call to check_wakeup_irqs
    PM / Core (Partial): Introduce struct syscore_ops for core subsystems PM
    ARM: Use struct syscore_ops instead of sysdevs for PM in common code
    timekeeping: Use syscore_ops instead of sysdev class and sysdev
    [CPUFREQ] (Partial) Remove the pm_message_t argument from driver suspend
    cpufreq: Use syscore_ops for boot CPU suspend/resume (v2)
    PM: Fix error code paths executed after failing syscore_suspend()
    PM (Partial): Remove sysdev suspend, resume and shutdown operations
    PM / Suspend: Do not ignore error codes returned by suspend_enter()
    PM / Suspend: Off by one in pm_suspend()
    -smd-hsic: smd_cmd: ratelimit process_cmd err
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Ignore error if “chanspecs” command is not supported
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Reload FW in case of constant scan failure
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Reduce priority for dhd_dpc and watchdog
    cfg80211: warn if db.txt is empty with CONFIG_CFG80211_INTERNAL_REGDB
    cfg80211: fix interface combinations check
    -wireless: bcmdhd: remove __wl_band_5ghz_a.n/2ghz.n_channel in bandlist conditional
    block: introduce the BFQ-v3r1 I/O sched for 2.6.38
    Change-Id: I018751523d93a400bd71b1924a5932b9859ecdf5
Commits on Jun 19, 2012
  1. recovery: add /sdcard entry

    pershoot committed Jun 19, 2012
    Change-Id: I3a81daa4abc30758757e52ee98ac3e4725c47a2c
Commits on Jun 15, 2012
  1. overlay: enable p2p

    pershoot committed Jun 5, 2012
    Change-Id: Ia3a164cba038a15015be5c7f19ce085e8d6cb705
  2. system: Update kernel/wifi

    pershoot committed Jun 15, 2012
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Combined P2P fixes
    -mmc: remove unused rem and to in mmc_erase (core)
    -net: wireless: backport/sync from google’s omap-android-3.0
    mmc: Instrument and disable mmc_erase()
    -tegra: board-p4*: add in suppression_config.freqhopscale for atmel_mxt1386
    -cpufreq: interactive: sync with google’s android-omap-3.0
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix FW hang recovery
    ext4: add missing save_error_info() to ext4_error()
    Move x86_64 idle notifiers to generic
    ARM: Call idle notifiers
    ARM: Move leds idle start/stop calls to idle notifiers
    cpufreq: interactive: use idle notifier
    ARM: idle: update idle ticks before call idle end notifier
    ARM: idle: call idle notifiers before stopping nohz tick
    ARM: Add cpu power management notifiers
    ARM: 6867/1: Introduce THREAD_NOTIFY_COPY for copy_thread() hooks
    ARM: 6868/1: Preserve the VFP state during fork
    ARM: vfp: Use cpu pm notifiers to save vfp state
    ARM: vfp: Always save VFP state in vfp_pm_suspend
    ARM: vfp: only clear vfp state for current cpu in vfp_pm_suspend
    -wireless: bcmdhd: remove unused USE_SECFEATURE
    -touchscreen: atmel_mxt1386: sync with GSIII, Update 1
    -Revert “bcmdhd: Fix IBSS (ad-hoc) network support”
    -defconfig: ics: set NVMAP_VPR
    -defconfig: ics: unset CONFIG_USB_SEC_WHITELIST (by request of peeter123)
    -defconfig: ics: regen and set MMC_BLOCK_DEFERRED_RESUME
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Make responce waiting uninterruptible
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix P2P driver crash for MFG firmware
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Update to version
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix WPS PBC overlap failure
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Change singal pending return value from -110 to -4
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix WARN_ON(!res->
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Check return value from dhd_dev_init_ioctl()
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Ignore signal_pending() while waiting in IOCTL
    Haavard Skinnemoen has left Atmel
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix division by 0 if dhd_watchdog_ms is 0
    mmc: make number of mmcblk minors configurable
    mmc: MMC_BLOCK_MINORS should depend on MMC_BLOCK.
    mmc:Add ddr mode support for eMMC v4.4
    mmc: fix card detect after suspend
    Reference:, bigrushdog,,,
    Change-Id: I0db67ad97ce507df5f0a76c05f14c0306aabd28c
Commits on May 15, 2012
  1. system: Update prebuilt kernel/wifi

    pershoot committed May 15, 2012
    netfilter: qtaguid: initialize a local var to keep compiler happy.
    netfilter: xt_qtaguid: fix ipv6 protocol lookup
    lib: Introduce some memory copy macros and functions
    lib/sha1: use the git implementation of SHA-1
    arm: remove "optimized" SHA1 routines
    binder: Quiet binder
    arm: Allow CPU-supported unaligned accesses
    [PATCH v1] tegra: remove the clock sleepable WARNING
    unlikely-likely cleanups & optimizations
    arm: remove stale export of 'sha_transform'
    lib/crc: add slice by 8 algorithm to crc32.c
    ARM: 7321/1: cache-v7: Disable preemption when reading CCSIDR
    defconfig: ics: set ALLOW_CPU_ALIGNMENT
    ARM: cache-v7: Disable preemption when reading CCSIDR (no tracing)
    cpufreq interactive governor: event tracing
    cpufreq: interactive: Choose greater of short-term load or long-term load
    cpufreq: interactive: apply intermediate load to max speed not current
    cpufreq: interactive: set at least hispeed when above hispeed load
    cpufreq: interactive: don't drop speed if recently at higher load
    cpufreq: interactive: configurable delay before raising above hispeed
    cpufreq: interactive: adjust code and documentation to match
    cpufreq: interactive: based hispeed bump on target freq, not actual
    cpufreq: Separate speed target revalidate time and initial set time
    cpufreq: interactive: reduce DEFAULT_MIN_SAMPLE_TIME and DEFAULT_TIMER_RATE
    cpufreq: interactive: remove cpufreq_interactive_get_target, boost_factor, and sustain_load
    cpufreq: interactive: Boost frequency on touchscreen input
    cpufreq: interactive: remove unused target_validate_time_in_idle
    cpufreq: interactive: enable input_boost (touchscreen)
    ARM: fix rcu stalls on SMP platforms
    ARM: add irq_enter/exit() around an additional ipi_timer()
    ARM: SMP: use a timing out completion for cpu hotplug
    Revert "touchscreen: atmel_mxt1386: remove set_mode_for_ta from conditional (in resume)"
    Revert "touchscreen: atmel_mxt1386: add mxt_fhe_worker from GSII (I-9100), Update 4"
    Revert "touchscreen: atmel_mxt1386: backport/sync mxt_ta_worker from I-9100 (GSII), Update 4"
    Revert "touchscreen: atmel_mxt1386: re-enable MXT_FACTORY_TEST and ENABLE_NOISE_TEST_MODE"
    Revert "touchscreen: atmel_mxt1386: bring back mxt_early/late_suspend/resume"
    Revert "touchscreen: atmel_mxt1386: add back in mxt_suspend if not EARLYSUSPEND"
    Revert "atmel_mxt1386: Add new mXT1386 touchscreen driver"
    touchscreen: atmel_mxt1386: backport/sync with GSII (I-9100), Update 4
    tegra: board-p4*: add in parameters for atmel_mxt1386
    wireless: bcmdhd: set EXAMPLE_TABLE
    cpufreq: interactive: Add sysfs boost interface for hints
    cpufreq: interactive: set floor for boosted speed
    Revert "cpufreq: interactive: enable input_boost (touchscreen)"
    Revert "defconfig: ics: set ALLOW_CPU_ALIGNMENT"
    Revert "wireless: bcmdhd: set EXAMPLE_TABLE"
    Revert "wireless: bcmdhd: import wlan_gpio from bcm4330, remove OOB_INTR_ONLY and add RDWR_MACADDR (to BCM4330)"
    Revert "wireless: bcmdhd: import bcmdhd from I-9100 (GSII) Update 4"
    wireless: import bcmdhd ( from kcrudup's ics-2.6.39
    wireless: bcmdhd: bring in some things for operability
    wireless: bcmdhd: add in custom SAMSUNG code/logic/flags
    defconfig: ics: enable BCMDHD
    wireless: bcmdhd: set EXAMPLE_TABLE
    wireless: bcmdhd: remove CONFIG_CONTROL_PM
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Avoid turning radio UP twice on start
    defconfig: ics: set NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_TCPMSS
    cpufreq: interactive: add boost pulse interface
    defconfig: ics: set BCMDHD as a LKM and un-set DHD_ENABLE_P2P
    bcmdhd: Fix IBSS (ad-hoc) network support
    staging: android/lowmemorykiller: Don't grab tasklist_lock
    staging: android/lowmemorykiller: Better mm handling
    staging: android/lowmemorykiller: No need for task->signal check
    staging: android/lowmemorykiller: Do not kill kernel threads
    Revert "ARM: SMP: use a timing out completion for cpu hotplug"
    Revert "ARM: add irq_enter/exit() around an additional ipi_timer()"
    Revert "ARM: fix rcu stalls on SMP platforms"
    wireless: bcmdhd: set WIFI_CONTROL_FUNC for VARIATION_TEGRA
    wireless: bcmdhd: set DHD_USE_EARLYSUSPEND
    wireless: bcmdhd: import SAMSUNG logic for STATIC_BUF
    defconfig: ics: set DHD_USE_STATIC_BUF
    netfilter: xt_IDLETIMER: Add new netlink msg type
    netfilter: xt_qtaguid: start tracking iface rx/tx at low level
    defconfig: ics: set NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_IDLETIMER
    net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix filtering setting in case of P2P
    cpufreq: interactive: restart above_hispeed_delay at each hispeed load
    cpufreq: interactive: fixup trace of string params
    README: Add toolchain location for kernel builds
    samsung: dpram: remove call to multipdp_exit for ICS in dpram_shutdown
    build: remove O2 from AFLAGS/CFLAGS_KERNEL
     GSII (I-9100)_Update 4, bcm4330
Commits on Apr 18, 2012
  1. overlay: fix tether when using NL80211/HOSTAPD

    pershoot committed Mar 23, 2012
    -reference tuna
  2. core: remove extraneous wifi fw

    pershoot committed Mar 17, 2012
  3. system: Update kernel/wifi

    pershoot committed Apr 17, 2012
    touchscreen: atmel_mxt1386: remove set_mode_for_ta from conditional (in resume)
    touchscreen: atmel_mxt1386: add mxt_fhe_worker from GSII (I-9100), Update 4
    touchscreen: atmel_mxt1386: backport/sync mxt_ta_worker from I-9100 (GSII), Update 4
    touchscreen: atmel_mxt1386: re-enable MXT_FACTORY_TEST and ENABLE_NOISE_TEST_MODE
    video: tegra-ics: increase MAX_STUCK_CHECK_COUNT
    defconfig: ics: Enable conservative governor
    cpufreq_conservative: Change default tuning settings
    cpufreq_conservative: Reduce minimum polling interval
    tegra: backport/sync iovmm/iovmm-gart with nvidia's 2.6.39
    Revert "rtc : tps6586x: move NULL checking to the front."
    touchscreen: atmel_mxt1386: bring back mxt_early/late_suspend/resume
    touchscreen: atmel_mxt1386: add back in mxt_suspend if not EARLYSUSPEND
    atmel_mxt1386: Add new mXT1386 touchscreen driver
    defconfig: ics: enable remaining PPP options and L2TP
    net: backport/sync l2tp with moto's 2.6.39
    net: backport/sync *ppp* with moto's 2.6.39
    defconfig: ics: set TUN to be in-built
    cfg80211: fix a crash in nl80211_send_station
    nl80211/cfg80211: Make addition of new sinfo fields safer
    cfg80211/nl80211: Send AssocReq IEs to user space in AP mode
    cfg80211: Add nl80211 event for deletion of a station entry
    wireless: bcmdhd: import bcmdhd from I-9100 (GSII) Update 4
    wireless: bcmdhd: import wlan_gpio from bcm4330, remove OOB_INTR_ONLY and
                      add RDWR_MACADDR (to BCM4330)
    Bluetooth: bnep: Fix bad ether addresses
    arm: tegra (partial): fix numerous warnings
    defconfig: ics: enable CFG80211
     video: (rel-14r7)
     wireless: I-9100 (GSII) Update 4
     touchscreen:, I-9100 (GSII) Update 4
     rtc: (android-tegra-2.6.36)
  4. overlay: Fix BT tether

    isimobile committed with pershoot Mar 12, 2012
  5. p3: Add cm.dependencies

    cyanogen committed with pershoot Apr 16, 2012
    Change-Id: I2a6b936986ee8ca3317e63ad393e1da6858f1c36
Commits on Mar 10, 2012
  1. p3: Don't override BUILD_ID

    cyanogen committed with pershoot Mar 10, 2012
Commits on Mar 1, 2012
  1. network: tether: add in wifi tether

    isimobile committed with pershoot Mar 1, 2012
    -remove bcm4330_aps from props
Commits on Feb 27, 2012
  1. network: use bcmdhd (WEXT)

    pershoot committed Feb 26, 2012
    -update kernel/wifi/misc:
     import bcmdhd up to (,
     misc net changes
     Netfilter: enabled data limit function
     net: backport wireless from moto's 2.6.39
     Revert (partial): tegra: p3-p7100: sensor fixes
Commits on Jan 29, 2012
  1. build: fix typo

    pershoot committed Jan 29, 2012
    -gsm comment
Commits on Jan 28, 2012
  1. system: Update kernel/wifi

    pershoot committed Jan 27, 2012
    -arch: arm: tegra: common: Update tegra_init_cache and tegra_move_framebuffer
    -arch: arm: tegra: modify clocks/parent
    -defconfig: ics: set KSM
    -ksm: annotate ksm_thread_mutex is no deadlock source
    -ksm: drain pagevecs to lru
    -mm: rename drop_anon_vma() to put_anon_vma()
    -ksm: fix NULL pointer dereference in scan_get_next_rmap_item()
    -mm: ksm: (partial): Fix common misspellings
    -add cifs, ntfs and tun
Commits on Jan 27, 2012
  1. ril: enable 3G; use Honeycomb radio.

    isimobile committed with pershoot Jan 23, 2012
    -Added config values to check for it in code.
     prune overlay.
     add local overlay to DEVICE_PACKAGE_OVERLAY via .mk
     add Mms to PRODUCT_PACKAGES
Commits on Jan 22, 2012
  1. core: Update libraries from nvidia's ventana ICS (01/20/12)

    pershoot committed Jan 22, 2012
    -libnv*, nvmm*.axf, nvram_avp.bin, omxplayer, libstagefrighthw, libcgrdrv,
     libardrv_dynamic, GL and gralloc/hwcomposer.
    -leave some HC 3.2 UX libs/axfs around, for nv
  2. system: Update kernel/wifi

    pershoot committed Jan 22, 2012
    -crypto/avp-ics/mediaserver: fix includes for ICS
    -drivers: video: tegra-ics: backport/sync from nvidia-2.6.39, rel-14r7
    -defconfig: ics: set TEGRA_DC_EXTENSIONS and TEGRA_NVHDCP
    -tproxy: added IPv6 socket lookup function to nf_tproxy_core
    -tproxy: split off ipv6 defragmentation to a separate module
    -netfilter: fix compilation when conntrack is disabled but tproxy is enabled
    -defconfig: ics: modify some netfilter/networking options.
Commits on Jan 11, 2012
  1. system: Update kernel/wifi

    pershoot committed Jan 7, 2012
    -drivers: media: video: tegra: avp-ics: sync with latest nvidia-2.6.36
    -add and set TEGRA_AVP_KERNEL_ON_MMU
     arch: arm: tegra: isa1200: move spin_lock_irqsave after hrtimer_cancel
    -arch: arm: tegra: isa1200: move spin_lock_irqsave after vibrator_set_val
     p3-p7100: mpu3050-hc32: carry over sensor amendments from mpu3050
    -ak8975.c: use non HC_32 values for .reg/.len in mpu3050-hc32 for p3-p7100
    -allow and set SENSORS_CORE for p3-p7100
    -arch: arm: tegra: merge fuse-ics to fuse (keep segregated via ICS)
Commits on Jan 1, 2012
  1. system: Update kernel/wifi

    pershoot committed Jan 1, 2012
    -tegra2_clocks.c: remove '| DIV_U71' from PERIPH_CLK, tegradc.0/1
    -drivers: video: tegra-ics: sync nvhost from latest nvidia-2.6.36
     video: tegra: nvhost: Use a syncpoint per window
    -arch: arm: tegra: exclude gpio_i2c15 if VIBTONZ is disabled
    -sounds: soc: codecs: voodoo: prevent mangling of headphone volume
    -drivers: video: backlight: allow for a more refined brightness control
    -arch: arm: tegra: isa1200: move spin_lock_irqsave after hrtimer_cancel
    -tegra: clocks: Remove shared clocks from sku_limits
    -defconfig: ics: set TEGRA_EMC_TO_DDR_CLOCK to 3
    -arch: arm: tegra: p4/p4tmo/p4wifi-sensors: align compass for HC_32
Commits on Dec 27, 2011
  1. p3: Initial import of GT-P7100 device

    pershoot committed Dec 21, 2011
    -referenced p4tmo