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So this challenge is based on a real bug I found in a thing one time reversing. The bug is tricky. Do you see it? I can totally give a write-up / break down.

The environment will be important because heap mastery is required, and I have only proven it against Ubuntu 16.04 (or whatever latest is) 64bit.

The challenge itself is intentionally 32bit because I wanted to recreate the exact. I have included a proof of concept exploit. It's not 100% reliable, but so far it hasn't crashed on failure (because of the nature of the bug), and has usually only fails on the first try (if at all), probably something to do with the system being cranky about issuing memory until the first round of grooming. The exploit executes a command to cat flag.txt and then request its output to a webserver (though the contestants can get creative).

The service runs on port 24242, and needs to be able to connect out to contestants. This is important. The reason why: to groom the heap, I opted for threads. The service accepts connections, fork()s, then the client can specify a port and a count of threads to connect back to them. This way the clients don't interfere with each other's memory space etc.

Please put the attached flag.txt into running directory of the service. Also you probably don't want to recompile if we want it reproducibly exploitable (with a poc to show the haters then they hate).