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Historical data

Historical data for each site is based on the Bureau of Meteorology's ACORN-SAT high quality dataset. Some sites do not have current or historical sites available in the centre of the city. In those cases the town airport is used, as listed below.


BOM ID Site Location State Start End Live?
066062 Observatory Hill Sydney - City NSW 1910 2017 Y
067105 Richmond RAAF Sydney - West NSW 1939 2017 Y
087031 Laverton RAAF Melbourne - West VIC 1943 2017 Y
070351 Canberra Airport Canberra - Airport ACT 1939 2017 Y
094029 Hobart (Ellerslie Rd) Hobart - Ellerslie Rd TAS 1918 2017 Y
040842 Brisbane Aero Brisbane - Airport QLD 1949 2017 Y
023090 Kent Town Adelaide - Kent Town SA 1910 2017 Y
015590 Alice Springs Airport Alice Springs - Airport NT 1910 2017 Y
014015 Darwin Airport Darwin - Airport NT 1910 2017 Y
009021 Perth Airport Perth - Airport WA 1910 2017 Y

For more sites, check out the whole ACORN-SAT network.

For site descriptions, check out the BOM Station Catalogue.

Current observations

Current observations are based on XML data feeds from the Bureau.

  • New South Wales & Canberra
  • Northern Territory
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Victoria
  • Western Australia
  • Tasmania and ... Antarctica (coming soon???)

BoM product info

Each state is associated with a letter, used in product codes (IDx, where x is the state letter), and a range of regions, used in station IDs (XYYnnn, where YY is the region number).

State Product letter Regions
WA W 1–13
NT D 14–15
SA S 16–26
Qld Q 27–45
NSW & ACT N 46–75
Vic V 76–90
Tas T 91–99

Other Current Observations Formats

  • IDN60901: product code
  • 94768: ? ID (different to station ID)

Current observations html (syd obs)

JavaScript Object Notation format (JSON) in row-major order

Historical Daily Max/Min temperatures per station Select location and data type. Max/min data is free

ACORN-SAT stations

Australian data:

Sydney data:

station catalogue useful when we start expanding:

XML Feeds


Monthly Max/Min temperatures per station

Source: currently need to go through GUI possibly download direct as zip file from something like


  • IDCJAC0010: product code - daily maximum temperature
  • 066062: station number - Sydney observatory
  • 1800: time period (s)


  • IDCJAC0011: product code - daily minimum temperature
  • 066062: station number - Sydney observatory
  • 1800: time period (s)

Daily max/min temperatures per station

Python code calculates 90th percentile for daily max and min data for each day going back to 1859 (for sydney)



BOM calculated climatology

From website Website allows splitting into 10,20,30 year periods. But CSV only allows all data (since 1859)