A dokku plugin that uses forego to run Procfile processes
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dokku-forego is a plugin for dokku that injects forego to manage Procfile processes.

Only works with dokku 0.3.19+.


# Install the plugin:
git clone https://github.com/iskandar/dokku-forego.git /var/lib/dokku/plugins/forego

What it does

Normally, dokku only runs the web process within Procfile. The dokku-forego plugin will run all process types (web, worker, etc.) in your Procfile.


Each item in the procfile will be run with a PORT environment variable starting with the default value of 5000 and incremented by 100 for each item.

For example, given the following Procfile:

web1: node server.js
web2: python serve.py
web3: bundle exec thin start

Ports will be specified like this:

  • web1 will start with PORT=5000
  • web2 will start with PORT=5100
  • web3 will start with PORT=5200

This behaviour is baked in to forego - so be aware that the ordering of Procfile items is significant!

Similar plugins

You can also use these plugins to manage Procfile processes:


This plugin is heavily based on dokku-logging-supervisord, which is in turn based on dokku-supervisord and dokku-persistent-storage


This plugin is released under the MIT license. See the file LICENSE.