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-- Change ast_conversion so it immediately parses functions (instead of bundling up referenced functions as closure variables and parsing them later)
-- Parse module names in function uses, i.e. "", "parakeet.each"
-- Support for trancendentals (log, exp, etc..)
+- Adverb semantics for conv
+- Code generation for conv
- Support for unary negation
- Garbage collection
-- Add support for in-place math operators, i.e. +=, *=, etc...
-- List comprehensions
- Indexing by boolean masks
- Make a plan for starting parallel jobs from inside compiled code
- Only run tiling on perfectly nested code
- Finish vectorization
- Why is the pipeline ordering so fragile?
-- Logic to detect whether to tile a subtree of code
-- Ability to tile only subtrees of a function
-- Proper handling of closure variables
-- Make parallel runtime handle small iteration counts
-- Figure out why parallel runtime crashes on column sums

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