Islandora Foundation Fedora 4 Interest Group
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DEPRECATED - Join us on weekly CLAW CALLS

Islandora Fedora 4 Interest Group


  • Nick Ruest (York University)
  • Daniel Lamb (discoverygarden)

Terms of Reference

  • The name of the IIG is the Islandora Fedora 4 Interest Group
  • The purpose of the Islandora Fedora 4 Interest Group is to implement Fedora 4 in the context of Islandora.
  • Specific goals, activities, outcomes may include:
    • Create a generic "upgration" document for Islandora and:
    • Reviewing Fedora 3 to 4 Upgration Checklist and:
      • Identifying what features are neccessary in Fedora 4
      • Mapping Fedora 3 features to Fedora 4 features
    • Mapping Fedora 4 features to Islandora
      • Determining how Islandora will leverage new Fedora 4 features
    • Outreach and communication
      • Engaging other interested Islandora community members
      • Recruiting developers to work on integration tasks
  • The interest group will meets weekly virtually (call-in info. A call for agenda items will be posted to the Islandora Google Group 1 week prior to the meeting. The convenor will appoint a note taker for the meeting and meeting notes will be made available at some url.
  • The convenors will produce a report to be submitted to the Islandora Roadmap Committee following the IF4IG’s meeting.



  • David Wilcox (DuraSpace)
  • Mark Leggott (UPEI)
  • Martin Dow (Acuity Unlimited)
  • Kevin Clarke (UCLA)
  • Mark Jordan (SFU)
  • Ernie Gillis (Berklee)
  • Peter Murray (LYRASIS)
  • Euwe Ermita (UWS)
  • Donald Moses (UPEI)
  • Chad Nelson (LYRASIS)
  • David John Evans
  • Andrew Woods (DuraSpace)
  • Ed Fugikawa (Colorado Alliance)
  • Caleb Derven (University of Limerick)
  • Jared Whiklo (University of Manitoba)
  • Ashok Modi (Cherry Hill Company)
  • Nick Ruest (York University)
  • Andy Wagner (University of Toronto)
  • Daniel Lamb (discoverygarden)
  • Lingling Jiang (UTSC)
  • Kevin Bowrin (Carleton University)
  • Melissa Anez (Islandora Foundation)
  • Logan Cox (University of Oklahoma)
  • Tao Zhao (University of Oklahoma)
  • Alex Garnett (SFU)
  • Diego Pino (REUNA)
  • Kim Pham (UTSC)
  • James Griffin (Lafayette College Libraries)
  • Chuck Schoppet (USDA)
  • Mark Noble (Marmot Library Network)
  • Jordan Fields (Garfield County Libraries)
  • [Marcus Emmanuel Barnes] ( (Simon Fraser University)