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Islandora Preservation Interest Group


  • Donald Moses (UPEI)
  • Nick Ruest (York)
  • Mark Jordan (SFU)
  • Alex Kent (PALS)

Terms of Reference

  • The name of the IIG is the Islandora Preservation Interest Group
  • The purpose of the Islandora Preservation Interest Group is to develop and communicate a common approach to address preservation within the Islandora framework.
  • Specific goals, activities, outcomes may include:
  • The interest group will meet once a month virtually (eg. via Skype). A call for agenda items will be posted to the Islandora Google Group 1 week prior to the meeting. The convenor will appoint a note taker for the meeting and meeting notes will be made available at some url.
  • The convenors will produce a report to be submitted to the Islandora Roadmap Committee following the IPIG’s meeting.


  • Mark Jordan (Simon Fraser University)
  • Nick Ruest (York University)
  • Donald Moses (UPEI)
  • Melissa Anez (Islandora Foundation)
  • Mark Leggott (UPEI)
  • Ryan Gjerde (Luther College)
  • Nathan Books (Northern Illinois University)
  • Aaron Collie (Michigan State University)
  • Alex Kent (PALS)
  • Michael Bolam (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Kelli Babcock (University of Toronto Libraries)
  • Allison Brown (University of Otago Library)
  • Kirsta Stapelfeldt (University of Toronto)
  • Becky Yoose (Grinnell College Libraries)
  • Ernie Gillis (Berklee College of Music Archives)
  • Sofia Becerra-Licha (Berklee College of Music Archives)
  • Gloria Gonzalez (UCLA)
  • Stephen Davison (UCLA)
  • Jane Monson (University of Northern Colorado)
  • Andrew Berger (Computer History Museum)
  • Caleb Derven (University of Limerick)
  • Kilian Amrhein (Zuse Institute Berlin)
  • Eric Luhrs (Lafayette College Libraries)
  • James R. Griffin III (Lafayette College Libraries)
  • Thomas Goodnow (Lafayette College Libraries)
  • Alex Garnet (Simon Fraser University)
  • Angela Dappert (Digital Preservation Coalition)
  • Courtney Mumma (Artefactual)
  • Brad Spry (UNC Charlotte)
  • Felicity Dykas (University of Missouri)
  • Lydia Motyka (Florida Virtual Campus)
  • [Marcus Emmanuel Barnes] ( (Simon Fraser University)