An interest group gathered around improving the Islandora user experience.
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As of June 1, 2017, this interest group has been reconvened and meetings will start shortly.


How to participate

Terms of Reference

  • The name of this Islandora Interest Group is the Islandora UI Interest Group (IUIIG)
  • The purpose of the Islandora UI Interest Group is to help shape and design the Islandora user experience.
  • The IUIIG, as of June 2017, will focus exclusively on the “CLAW” (Fedora 4/Drupal 8) stack.
  • Specific goals, activities, and outcomes may include:
    • Identifying common frustrations or hurdles to ease of use
    • Proposing solutions as bug/documentation/feature tickets on Github
    • Organizing codesprints to implement these improvements across the Islandora codebase
    • Improving and documenting the accessibility of Islandora out of the box
  • The interest group will meet once a month virtually (eg. via Skype)
  • The conveners will produce a report to be submitted to the Islandora Roadmap Committee following the IUIIG's meetings.


  • Meeting times will be determined by an initial Doodle poll, and will meet regularly after that.


  • Rosie Le Faive (UPEI)
  • Favenzio Calvo (FSU)
  • Don Richards (UTK)
  • (want to join? Add your name in a Pull Request or contact a convener)