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CLI for building hybrid apps with Ember/Vue/Glimmer/Cordova


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Corber is a CLI that improves the hybrid app build experience for Vue, Ember, Glimmer, and React apps using Cordova.

Corber handles framework and app builds and validations with a single command: corber build - without affecting existing web flows. The CLI also includes on-device livereload for development and utility functions for icons, plugins, and more. And when needed, it can proxy to the Cordova CLI.

It is a continuation of the ember-cordova project. ember-cordova users can find details here, and continue to access the existing ember addon and documentation. For migration instructions, see Migrating from Ember Cordova.


# Yarn
yarn global add corber

npm install -g corber

Initialize Corber

  1. Change to your project directory.
  2. Run corber init.
  3. Select iOS and press space to select the platform.

Configure Your Project for Corber

Vue CLI 3

  1. Open vue.config.js. (Create file in project root if it doesn't exist. See Example Vue Config.)
  2. Require corber-webpack-plugin and assign it as CorberWebpackPlugin.
  3. Add new CorberWebpackPlugin() to the configureWebpack.plugins array.

For Vue CLI 2 or Non-Vue CLI, see Configure Vue CLI 2 or Non-Vue CLI projects.


  1. Open config/environment.js.
  2. Set locationType to hash.
  3. Update rootURL or baseURL to remove its leading slash, if it has one.

Extending Frameworks

Corber comes with built-in support for Vue, Ember, and React, but can be extended to work with the framework of your choice. See Extending Corber to Support Other Frameworks.

Run App on an Emulator with Live Reload

  1. Run corber start.
  2. Select an emulator.

Build, Flash, and Run App on Your Device

  1. Run corber build. (Ignore error code 65 error, signing will be set in step 3.)
  2. Run corber open to open the Xcode project.
  3. First Time Only: In Xcode, select the Project Navigator, select your project, and under Signing, set your Team.
  4. Connect your iPhone via its USB cable. (Accept the "Trust This Computer?" alert if prompted.)
  5. In Xcode, select your connected device in the toolbar.
  6. Press the Play button to flash and run the app on your device.

For Android builds see Android Setup. For full documentation, please visit


Pull requests are very welcome. You can read our style guides here.

If you are unsure about your contribution idea, please feel free to open an issue for feedback.

Find an issue with our documentation? All docs are hosted on this repo under the gh-pages branch.


Corber is maintained by Isle of Code.