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corber CLI improves the hybrid app build experience with JS Frameworks - currently for Ember, Vue & Glimmer apps using Cordova. It can be used with existing or new JS applications.

corber handles items such as framework + app build & validations with a single command: corber build - without affecting existing web flows. The CLI also includes on-device livereload for development and utility functions for icons, plugins, etc. Where needed it can proxy to the Cordova CLI.

It is a continuation of the ember-cordova project. ember-cordova users can find detais here, and continue to access the existing ember addon and documentation.


yarn global add corber

#Create a mobile project - run from your existing Ember/Glimmer/Vue app
corber init
corber platform add ios

#runs your JS builder and creates a mobile application
corber build

##You may also want to 
#Set up on-device hot reload for development
corber s

#Build Icon & Splash Screens
corber make-splashes
corber make-icons

For documentation, please visit


PRs are very welcome. You can read our style guides here.

If you are unsure about your contribution idea, please feel free to open an Issue for feedback.


corber is maintained by Isle of Code.