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Ember Cordova

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We have migrated ember-cordova to the corber project, which adds support for Vue/React/Webpack apps. Ember users will see no feature loss after migration.

Most new features will appear in corber, however we will continue bugfixes in ember-cordova.

We encourage you to migrate to This repository is a fork of the last stable ember-cordova release.

Announcement details can be found here, the repository here and documentation here.


ember-cordova simplifies building Cordova applications with Ember.js.

Included is a CLI, icon generation & plugins/platforms, bindings to the Cordova platform and a growing ecosystem of Cordova plugins built to work with Ember. It is maintained by Isle of Code in Toronto, with a community of contributors.

It supports Ember 1.13+ and node per Ember Node LTS Support

Given upstream changes in ember-cli, support for ember-cordova stops at 2.13.x. High versions of ember-cli are supported with corber. If you'd like to resolve that issue in ember-cordova, this corber issue is a good starting point.


ember install ember-cordova

For documentation, please visit


PRs are very welcome. You can read our style guides here.

If you are unsure about your contribution idea, please feel free to open an Issue for feedback.


ember-cordova is maintained by Isle of Code, and started as a fork of ember-cli-cordova.

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