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Themely WordPress Installer

Themely is a cPanel/WHM addon which combines a one-click WordPress auto-installer with a directory of free WordPress themes from talented developers around the world.

Themely cPanel Plugin

For Web Hosting Companies

  • Offer your clients high-quality, free & secure WordPress themes from talented developers around the world.
  • Beginner friendly, simple & fast WordPress auto-installer.
  • Reduce WordPress related support tickets (we provide links to documentation & tutorials for WordPress).
  • Security minded - we set secure default usernames, passwords and database table prefixes.
  • Clear & intuitive cPanel icon & title (so users don't have to search or ask support techs where to install WordPress).
  • We only approve themes to our directory that successfully pass our manual quality & security review process (we adhere to the official theme security guidelines).
  • Only the latest, stable version of WordPress installed (the plugin downloads the latest version directly from the repository and doesn't modify any core files).
  • WP admin single sign-on - after installation users can automatically sign into their Admin Dashboard.
  • Integration with WHMCS (automatically install WordPress after account creation) - download hook file
  • Integration with cPanel WordPress Manager** (automatically detects & allows management of existing WordPress sites on an account)

cPanel WordPress Manager: The RPM-based WordPress cPAddon in WHM must be installed to access this feature (WHM >> Home >> cPanel >> Install cPAddons Site Software).

For WordPress Theme Developers

  • Market your freemium* themes directly to your target audience (bypass Google,, ThemeForest & Mojo Marketplace).
  • Guaranteed minimum number of daily downloads (avoid over-saturated & hyper-competitive marketplaces & directories).
  • Proportional listing fees, billed monthly (based on a multiple of the amount you sell a theme upgrade).
  • Cancel anytime, no contract, no cancellation fees (listing fees will be prorated by day, for example, if listing fees costs $200 a month but you cancel half way trough, we'll only charge you $100).
  • Short review process** (less than 7 days compared to 10-14 days with & 3-5 months with

Freemium: free with option to upgrade

Review process: themes must successfully pass a manual quality & security review before being accepted into the directory. Only visually appealing, easy-to-use and secure themes are accepted.


Themely cPanel Plugin

Themely cPanel Plugin

Themely WHM Plugin

Live Demo

We've set up a tiny cloud server with a cPanel license for you to try and test the plugin.


Username: wpthemespot

Password: Please contact us to generate a secure password for you.

Once logged in, scroll down to the Software section and click Install WordPress.

Important Notice: You will notice the directory only contains 21 themes at the moment. We're currently in the process of adding themes and it will gradually grow in number.

System Requirements

A Linux server running CentOS 6 or 7 with a valid cPanel/WHM license. For information on cPanel/WHM system requirements visit

Installation Instructions

To install the plugin follow the steps below:

Step 1

Generate a license key (right click and open in new tab)

Step 2

Run the following commands as root,

wget -N

chmod 755


Step 3

Navigate to WHM > Plugins > Themely and enter your license key, then press the green button to activate your server.

Removal Instructions

To uninstall the plugin login to your server as root and run the following commands:

wget -N

chmod 755


Update Instructions

To update the plugin to the latest version login to your server as root and run the following commands:

wget -N

chmod 755


Get Help/Support

Whether you're a hosting company or a theme developer, we're here to help. If it's to get assistance with our plugin/service or to suggest new features; we're here to listen.

Here's how you can reach us:

Create new issue on Github (click the green New Issue button)

Chat with us on Discord

Send an email to

Call or text on Whatsapp +1 (514) 883-0132

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (GMT -4)

Spoken & written languages: English, Français, Español (un poquito)

Office Location: Montreal, Canada


Your clients can install WordPress and high-quality, free themes, with one click! Free cPanel/WHM plugin for web hosting companies.







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