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Lemmy The Lemon

Lemmy_the_Lemon - Read README

Filename: lemmy_the_lemon_v0.0.3 beta.py

Author: Mohammad Ismail - mnimoh17
Date Last Updated: November 26 2016
Description: This is a an URL generator created for educational purposes to generate website-links that may or may not function of lecture streams.

DISCLAIMER: This python program should not in anyway be misused or abused in any way that goes against any existing policies and is only for educational purposes. I will not be held liable for your individual actions and I do not condone any actions with the use of this code. Please read through all the documentation of the program as I am not liable for any risks/damages that may incur due to direct and/or indirect usage of this program. Also, please make sure you have all important files saved and backed up.

*** ~ Stay Tuned for v0.0.3 release ~ ***

  • Automation of Coursechecking
  • Implementation of the coded webscraping.py

CHANGELOG (v 0.0.3 beta):

  • Added Icon to Exe
  • Added Icon resource to build directory
  • Removed hardcoding of Campus Code, and replaced with Global Variable CAMPUS_CODE

CHANGELOG (v 0.0.2):

  • Added support for classes with only a single weboptioned group of sections ie. CHMA10, MGEA02, etc.
  • Added support for accessing Creative Commons the_lemon.PNG locally
  • Removed debugging code leftover from v 0.0.1

CHANGELOG (v 0.0.1):-

  • Initial lemmy_the_lemon release. Buggy release

Filename: webscraping.py

Author: Mohammad Ismail - mnimoh17
Date Last Updated: November 26 2016
Description: This is an auxilary program to lemmy_the_lemon. It serves for webscraping purposes so that more of the process is automated and it is less dependant on user interaction/error.

Changelog (v.0.0.1):

  • Initial auxilary script release. Stay tuned for more functionality

Tags: Lemmy, Lemon, the, lemmy the lemon, lemon, mnimoh17, ismailmohammad, mohammad ismail, Mohammad, Ismail