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Enforces the mobile web version of Wikipedia and improves its interface
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Refined Wikipedia

This Chrome extension enforce a mobile version of Wikipedia and improve its interface for a better experience on desktop. It's strongly inspired by Refined Twitter and Refined GitHub extensions created by Sindre Sorhus.

New features, interface tweaks or more keyboard shortcuts are welcome. You can send a Pull Request. It's available in all languages. If you find an error, please notify.


  • Dark Mode 😎
  • Increase font size
  • Resize width container
  • Adjust Table of Contents
  • Many keybord shortcuts!


Install it from the Chrome Web Store or manually.

Works on Firefox too, but requires some manual steps for now.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Go to Search: f
  • Go to Home: g h
  • Go to Top (scroll): g t
  • Go to Back in History: backspace or shift+
  • Go to Next page in History: shift+
  • Toggle Dark Mode: d
  • Open/Close Main Menu: shift+m
  • Open/Close Language Selector: shift+l
  • Select Suggested Language: 1 (after open Language Selector)
  • Focus on First Search Result: 1 (after search)
  • Scroll Up: w
  • Scroll Down: s



MIT © Ismael Martínez

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