Tiny plug & play persistence layer for your Ruby objects
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Basic persistence functionality for your Ruby objects

This is a drop-in thin persistence layer for your Ruby objects. I wrote it for some toy Sinatra apps I'm writing because I can't be bothered with using DataMapper, CouchDB and the rest for something so small.

The store can be anything that looks like a Hash.

From the code comments:

class Person
  include Persistent
  attr_accessor :name, :last_name

Person.store = Persistent::Store.new('/path/to/store_file.store') # or anything that looks like a Hash.

o = Person.new

o.name = 'Ismael'
o.last_name = 'Celis'

# == Save and namespace unique ID by class name

o.persist! 'some_unique_id'

o2 = Person.find( 'some_unique_id' )

o2.name # => 'Ismael'

o2 == o # => true


Person.find( 'some_unique_id' ) # => nil


You can persist individual objects by key

o = SomeObject.new
o.persist! 'some_key'

Keys are internally prefixed with the object's class name so you can store objects of different types using the same keys.

... But after conversation with Martyn (http://github.com/mloughran) I'm planning to store one big object with the whole domain object space in it, so I can store the whole thing at once and forget about persistance and have fun with pure Ruby objects (look ma, no database!).

I know. That only works because my particular domain is tiny.

Object store

Persistent::Store wraps Standard library's PStore to save objects to the filesystem in a transaction.

Persistent::Store itself quacks like a Hash (:[], :[]=, :fetch, :delete and :each) so you can use a Hash, Memcached, another wrapper like Moneta (http://github.com/wycats/moneta/tree/master) or you own object store.


This is so tiny that you can just copy the lib/persistent.rb and lib/persistent/store.rb files in you project (or clone them of course).

You can also use it as a gem: # If you haven't done this before: gem sources -a http://gemcutter.org

sudo gem install persistent

And then in your code:

require 'rubygems'
require 'persistent'

class SomeClass
  include Persistent

Other alternatives

This library is meant for simple use cases. If you want serious object persistence please check solutions such as CouchDB (http://couchdb.apache.org/), DataMapper (http://github.com/datamapper/dm-core/tree/master) or the similarly named Persistable gem (http://github.com/andykent/persistable/tree/master).

Also, Stone (http://github.com/ndemonner/stone/tree/master) looks pretty neat!