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A sinatra extension that provides oauth authentication to github. Find out more about enabling your application at github's oauth quickstart.

To test it out on localhost set your callback url to 'http://localhost:9393/auth/github/callback'

The gist of this project is to provide a few things easily:

  • authenticate a user against github's oauth service
  • provide an easy way to make API requests for the authenticated user
  • optionally restrict users to a specific github organization
  • optionally restrict users to a specific github team


% gem install sinatra_auth_bootic

Running the Example

% gem install bundler
% bundle install
% OAUTH_CLIENT_ID="<from Bootic>" OAUTH_CLIENT_SECRET="<from Bootic>" BOOTIC_API_URL= bundle exec rackup -p9292

There's an example app in spec/app.rb.

Example App Functionality

You can simply authenticate via Bootic by hitting http://localhost:9292

API Requests

The extension also provides a simple way to do get requests against the Bootic API as the authenticated user.

def products

Extension Options

  • :scopes - The OAuth2 scopes you require
  • :secret - The client secret that GitHub provides
  • :client_id - The client id that GitHub provides
  • :failure_app - A Sinatra::Base class that has a route for /unauthenticated, Useful for overriding the default page.
  • :callback_url - The path that Bootic posts back to, defaults to /auth/bootic/callback.