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OpenELEC (Version 2.0)
Changelog OpenELEC-1.0 to OpenELEC-2.0
Package updates:
- update XBMC to XBMC-11.0 (Eden)
- update eglibc to eglibc-2.15
- update Python to Python-2.7.2
- update gcc to gcc-4.6.2
- update openssl to openssl-1.0.0f
- update xorg-server to xorg-server-1.11
- update to Kernel 3.2
- update to Mesa-8.0pre
Added functions:
- PXE netboot support
- Airplay support
- Airtunes support
- CEC support
- libaacs support
Changed functions
- change bootsplash from plymouth-lite to busybox's fbsplash
Removed functions:
- remove netmount.conf (XBMC includes native NFS/AFP/CIFS/SSH support)
- move PS3 controller support in a own addon
- move Wii controller support in a own addon