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<!-- #### GENERAL SECTION #### -->
<h1>Front-end Code Standards &amp; Best Practices</h1>
<p>This document contains guidelines for web applications built by the Creative Technology (front end engineering) practice of Isobar. It is to be readily available to anyone who wishes to check the iterative progress of our best practices.</p>
<p>This document's primary motivation is two- fold: <tt>1)</tt> code consistency and <tt>2)</tt> best practices. By maintaining consistency in coding styles and conventions, we can ease the burden of legacy code maintenance, and mitigate risk of breakage in the future. By adhering to best practices, we ensure optimized page loading, performance and maintainable code.</p>
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<h1>General Guidelines</h1>
<h2>Pillars of Front-end Development</h2>
<li>Separation of presentation, content, and behavior.</li>
<li><a href="">Markup should be well-formed, semantically correct</a> and <a href="#_appendix_a_validators">generally valid</a>.</li>
<li><a href="">Javascript should progressively enhance the experience</a>.</li>
<h2>General Practices</h2>
<p>For all code languages, we require indentation to be done via soft tabs (using the space character). Hitting <em>Tab</em> in your text editor shall be equivalent to <b>four spaces</b>.</p>
<h3>Readability vs Compression</h3>
<p>We prefer readability over file-size savings when it comes to maintaining existing files. Plenty of whitespace is encouraged, along with ASCII art, where appropriate. There is no need for any developer to purposefully compress HTML or CSS, nor obfuscate JavaScript.</p>
<p>We will use server-side or build processes to automatically minify and gzip all static client-side files, such as CSS and JavaScript.</p>
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