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A grid layout with balanced margins and paddings. This avoids the first/last, alpha/omega rubbish that pollutes other grid layout systems on the web. This one is based on a 12-column grid of 60 pixels each with a 20 pixel gutter (made up of 10 pixels padding around each block by default).

A layout block is a child of the .page container, and has a span-X where X is the number of grid-columns the layout block spans.

The .page wrapper contains a 10 pixel padding, and each layout block itself a 10 pixel padding. This creates the required 20 pixel guttering between layout block content.

A .wrap block allows the space inside it to be split down further with .span layout blocks. Essentially, the .wrap is a margin-less and padding-less layout block, so it allows inner layout blocks to use their consistent layout padding to keep the gutter widths consistent.

In situations where a layout block needs a close-cropped border, the set of .unbleed, .hunbleed and .vunbleed classes swap a layout block's 10 pixel paddings out for 10 pixel margin, so that a border can be applied to that layout block horizontally, vertically or both.

The .flush, .hflush and .vflush classes is for full-width layout blocks . It grabs the padding of the containing .page as it's own padding too. This is useful for a full-width background-colour header that stretches the entire width of the .page container, including all the guttering.


Sets the site-wide baseline style


An example of a typical page layout:

<div class="page">
	<div class="page-header  span-12 hflush"></div>
	<div class="page-content span-8"></div>
	<div class="page-related span-4"></div>
	<div class="page-footer  span-12"></div>

Sets up the simple grid classes, plus a few handy overrides for bleeding into the gutter. Classes for layout blocks:

  • span-1 ... span-12 - sizes a block from one grid column through to 12 with a default left float
  • rspan-1 ... rspan-12 - sizes a block from 1-12 grid columns wide, but floating the element right.
  • wrap-1 ... wrap-12 - sizes a wrap from one grid column through to 12 with a default left float
  • rwrap-1 ... rwrap-12 - sizes a wrap from 1-12 grid columns wide, but floating the element right.
  • unbleed - layout block reclaims its own padding as margin, thus allowing for a content-width border.
  • hunbleed - padding to margin reclaimation horizontally only
  • vunbleed - padding to margin reclaimation vertically only
  • flush - for full width blocks, just like a bleed but also claims the 10-pixel padding created by the parent .page wrapper. This allows for a full-width layout block that stretches flush from left to right including the guttering.
  • hflush - reclaims all the horizontal space
  • vflush - reclaims all the vertical space.