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A simple modular message logging class with pluggable storage
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Error logging class

A simple class to log error messages, with pluggable storage for logfile messages. Currently, there is only one logger, one that logs to a specified text file on the filesystem, but different loggers can be added, for example logging to a MySQL database, or perhaps to a socket.

See example.php for how to use it.


// This is all that's needed to start logging messages.
require_once 'errorLog.php';

There are five levels of logging, each with its own function (in order of severity):

  • log_info('This is an informational message');
  • log_debug('This is a debug message');
  • log_error('This is an error message');
  • log_warn('This is a warning message');
  • log_fatal('This is a fatal message');

Each of these logging functions takes an optional second parameter specifying whether to display this message in the standard output or not. Setting the parameter to true will show that message. It defaults to the config-set value, or false if none specified.

We can set a minimum level of logging, for example logging only messages that are warnings or above. Each level of logging has a defined constant, (in order of severity):

  • LOG_LEVEL_INFO - Information level messages
  • LOG_LEVEL_DEBUG - Debug level messages
  • LOG_LEVEL_WARN - Warning level messages
  • LOG_LEVEL_ERROR - Error level messages
  • LOG_LEVEL_FATAL - Fatal level messages

So to only log messages of Warnings and above we can:


To initialise a logger and initial logging options, we do this through a configuration object:


Completed Features:

  • Get the method/function name of the callee
  • specify log levels on a class basis
  • register and trigger event-listeners by log level

To-do Feature list:

  • unit testing
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