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Isogeo for QGIS

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Isogeo plugin for QGIS - logo

QGIS plugin for Isogeo, a SaaS software to give an easier access to geodata. Equivalent of plugins for ArcGIS.

You can see and vote for this plugin on the official QGIS extensions website.

Online documentation is available here.


Allow Isogeo users to search for datas in their own and external metadata catalogs and add it to a QGIS project. Its goal is to improve access to internal and external geodata.

How does it works


It's based on Isogeo API:

  • REST-ful
  • oAuth2 protocol used to authenticate shares

It's fully integrated with QGIS ecosystem:

  • PyQGIS 3
  • PyQt 5.11.x


  • Text search among Isogeo shares
  • Dynamic filter on keywords, INSPIRE themes, catalog owners, source coordinate system and available links
  • Geographic filter from a layer bounding box
  • Geographic filter from the map canvas bounding box
  • Order results by relevance, alphabetic, last updated date (data or metadata), creation date (data or metadata)
  • Add the related data directly to the map canvas throught raw data or web services
  • Display full metadata information in a separated window
  • Save search bookmarks

Screen captures

Without any search With some filters
Search widget with no filters Search widget with some filters

Add data to the project

Getting started

In a nutshell:

  1. QGIS Plugins menu -> Manage and Install Plugins...;
  2. Search for isogeo, select it and install it.

If you want a more advanced version, check the box allowing experimental extensions in settings.

See the documentation: