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This folder contains the source code for an interactive Javascript tool that allows you to draw spiral tilings. See the blog post at for more information, including a link to a runnable version.

If you want to run this code yourself from source, you'll need to do a few things:

  • Stick a copy of the font Helvetica Neue in the assets folder. I grabbed a copy from
  • Stick a copy of tactile.js in the main folder. You can get that from ../lib in this repository.
  • Grab the latest p5.min.js and p5.dom.min.js from the P5.js project ( and put them in the main folder too.
  • Run a web server. Because Chrome is afraid of cross-site scripting attacks, this script won't run via a file: URL. It suffices to run Python's web server by executing "python -m http.server" from the command line while in the main directory.
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