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A Python program, running as an independent process, that provides a 'proxy like' service for experiment runtimes ( psychopy ) and devices ( keyboard, mouse, parallel port, eye tracker, ... ).
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ioHub is not a complete experiment design and runtime API. It's main focus is on device event monitoring, real-time reporting, and persistant storage of input device events on a system wide basis. When ioHub is used for experiment device monitoring during a psychopolgy or neuroscience type study, ioHub is designed to be used with the most excellent PsychoPy.

Note: ioHub has merged with PsychoPy ( psychopy.iohub ), so it can be used out of the box with a PsychoPy installation, even if the desire is to use the ioHub event reporting features in a 'headless' mode that does not create any windows or graphics.

Please visit the PsychoPy website for download and support options.

This GitHub project will remain active so existing bugs and feature requests can continue to be tracked, and as a source for the latest non-psychopy integrated version of the code. This code base will not longer be updated. Future ioHub updates will be done within the PsychoPy GitHub project, in the psychopy.iohub submodule.


The documentation for ioHub functionality can be found online here, until it has been merged with the PsychoPy documentation.


ioHub and the Python Common Eye Tracker Interface are Copyright (C) 2012-2013 iSolver Software Solutions, except for files or modules where otherwise noted.

ioHub is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL version 3 or any later version). See the LICENSE file for details.

Python module dependancies and other 3rd party libraries are copyright their respective copyright holders. Any trademarked names used are owned by their trademark owners and use of any such names is not an endorsement of ioHub by the trademark owner.

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