Proxy clone and push requests for the browser
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This is the software running on - a free service (generously sponsored by Clever Cloud) for users of isomorphic-git that enables cloning and pushing repos in the browser.

It is derived from with added restrictions to reduce the opportunity to abuse the proxy. Namely, it blocks requests that don't look like valid git requests.


npm install @isomorphic-git/cors-proxy

CLI usage

Start proxy on default port 9999:

cors-proxy start

Start proxy on a custom port:

cors-proxy start -p 9889

Start proxy in daemon mode. It will write the PID of the daemon process to $PWD/

cors-proxy start -d

Kill the process with the PID specified in $PWD/

cors-proxy stop


Environment variables:

  • PORT the port to listen to (if run with npm start)
  • ALLOW_ORIGIN the value for the 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' CORS header
  • INSECURE_HTTP_ORIGINS comma separated list of origins for which HTTP should be used instead of HTTPS (added to make developing against locally running git servers easier)


This work is released under The MIT License