Quick-and-dirty Haskell implementation of everyone's favorite falling blocks game.
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n.b. -- Lazy here refers to my coding habits, not the evaluation strategy.

It's a quick-and-dirty tetris clone, just what the world needed! Initial version was written in a few hours in order to prove a point in an IRC channel.

 * syntaxglitch should put together a simple game in Haskell this weekend, 
                just for the sake of doing something...
         <hpc>  there is no such thing as a simple game 
         <hpc>  something will rain on your parade; it is inevitable
<syntaxglitch>  only because I keep toying with ways to write less imperative code
<syntaxglitch>  I could write something stupidly simple like Tetris in a 
                couple hours in standard imperative style with a game loop and 
                some IORefs and whatnot, but where's the fun in that?
           * sm is with hpc.. it's true, there is no such thing as a simple 
                game (in haskell.. currently.. tty-style games excluded..)

As it turned out I spent more like 3-4 hours on it. On the other hand I didn't use any IORefs and it's actually mostly pure, albeit ugly, code. You win some, you lose some, but the point remains: Writing a stupidly simple game in Haskell isn't, in fact, all that difficult.

Writing a game that doesn't suck is left as an exercise for the reader.

/!\ /!\ Achtung! /!\ /!\

This really is pretty terrible code. Don't assume I endorse anything in particular here, and please don't hold any of it against me!

Other details

Since I'm too lazy to have written a .cabal file yet, here're the dependencies:

Good luck getting the first three working on non-Linux platforms!