Migrate the GWT mail sample application to Angular Dart
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leonsenft and isoos Fixes the side nav icons and background color (#7)
During the migration from `GlyphComponent` to `MaterialIconComponent`,
`SidePanel` was not completely migrated. Its headers were also relying on a
style encapsulation bug with `:host-context` to pierce component boundaries.
Latest commit 4fd00bf Oct 5, 2017


AngularDart Mail Sample App

Earlier this year (2017) I was asked if there’s a good way to compare developing web UIs in Google Web Toolkit (GWT) vs. Dart, specifically AngularDart. Having worked with both GWT and Dart, I had a good idea of the differences, but as I thought more, I started to wonder how hard it would be to migrate a GWT application to AngularDart.

The GWT Mail Sample was an ideal place to start: it’s much more than a trivial example, with diverse features and complex UI interactions, yet it’s still manageable in size.

You may follow the changelog or look at the commits for the breakdown of the small steps needed.