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import 'dart:async';
class MailItem {
final String sender;
final String email;
final String subject;
final String body;
MailItem(this.sender,, this.subject, this.body);
abstract class MailService {
/// the label of the currently selected folder
String get selectedFolder;
/// the total number of mail items in the current folder
int get mailCount;
/// the index of the current page
int get pageIndex;
/// the number of pages
int get pageCount;
/// the maximum number of mail items on a given page
int get pageSize;
/// the loaded mail items on the current page
List<MailItem> get pageItems;
/// the selected mail that needs to be displayed
MailItem selectedItem;
/// selects a folder by its label
Future selectFolder(String label);
/// selects the next page
Future nextPage();
/// selects the previous page
Future prevPage();