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PWA example: custom routes

This tutorial assumes that you are familiar with the PWA basics from the following:

Caching basics

pwa provides a dynamic cache that will keep the number of items being cached within certain bounds:

var cache = new DynamicCache(
    maxAge: new Duration(days: 7),
    maxEntries: 20,

Caches in pwa provide a few basic fetch strategies:

  • cacheOnly: handles the request only if it is able to serve from the cache.
  • networkOnly: handles the request only if it is able to serve through the network.
  • cacheFirst: tries to handle the request from the cache first, than falls back to fetch it through the network.
  • networkFirst: tries to fetch from the network first, and if we are offline, it falls back to cache.
  • fastest: issues both a network request and a cache lookup, and serves whichever completes first.

These strategies are exposed as methods on the cache instance:

var cache = new DynamicCache('my-cache');
var fetchHandler = cache.networkFirst;

How routing works

When the pwa ServiceWorker receives a fetch request, it can:

  • try to serve it from a cache,
  • try to fetch it from the network,
  • a combination of the above.

Worker.router enables a simple chain of rules that will determine how each of the URLs will be served. It intercepts the fetch requests, determines the first matching handler for it, and runs the request through the handler.

In the following case, we can serve the Youtube image thumbnails from the cache first, and if there is no match there, it will fetch them over the network.

  DynamicCache youtubeThumbnails = new DynamicCache('youtube', maxEntries: 10);

      .registerGetUrl('https://i.ytimg.com/vi/', youtubeThumbnails.cacheFirst);