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PWA tutorial: the default behavior

The pwa package uses two distinct scopes for enabling progressive features to your web application:

  • The Client in client.dart is running alongside your (Angular) web application. It is used in web/main.dart, and will get compiled to main.dart.js.

  • The Worker in worker.dart is running as a separate Service Worker. Package pwa will generate a web/pwa.dart file for you, which you should check-in into your source control, and it will get compiled to pwa.dart.js.

Prepare the project

PWA Client

Put the pwa package in your pubspec.yaml, and run pub get to update the packages in the project.

Make sure that the Client is initialized in your Angular app's web/main.dart:

import 'package:pwa/client.dart' as pwa;

void main() {
  bootstrap(AppComponent, [
    new Provider(pwa.Client, useValue: new pwa.Client()),

PWA Worker

The pwa package can generate useful source code for you. In your console, run the following commands:

# runs pwa code generation with default settings
# it will invoke `pub build` if it wasn't run before
pub run pwa

# seconds build
pub build

What is going on here?

  • pub run pwa executes the pwa package's default code generator:

    • The offline assets are usually in the web/build directory, and they are the result of calling pub build. The script detects if it hasn't been run before, and invokes it. It will compile the web/main.dart to JavaScript, and it will populate the build/web directory with the compiled version and its static assets.

    • It scans the build/web directory for static assets, like:

      [long list of files]
    • It creates (or updates) lib/pwa/offline_urls.g.dart, with a filtered list of the files above:

      /// URLs for offline cache.
      final List<String> offlineUrls = [
        // [list goes on...]
    • It creates (or updates) web/pwa.dart, which is the entry point of the Worker mentioned above.

      • The default behavior pulls in the offlineUrls from the generated file above, and sets them for using them as an offline cache.
  • The second pub build will compile not only the web/main.dart, but also the newly create web/pwa.dart to JavaScript.

Observe the offline behavior

  • Deploy the application to your server of choice, or use any of the following alternatives:

    • python -m SimpleHTTPServer
    • pub serve (after pub run pwa has run)
  • Load the web app in Chrome (e.g. http://localhost:8080/ if running pub serve).

  • Open Chrome Developer Tools and go to the Applications tab, and select Service Workers on the left. Make sure that pwa.dart.js is properly loaded.

  • In Chrome Developer Tools, and go to the Networks tab.

  • Set the checkbox Offline.

  • Reload the page. It should be able to load without network connection.