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"""soql2atom: a beatbox demo that generates an atom 1.0 formatted feed of any SOQL query (requires beatbox 0.9 or later)
The fields Id, SystemModStamp and CreatedDate are automatically added to the SOQL if needed.
The first field in the select list becomes the title of the entry, so make sure to setup the order of the fields as you need.
The soql should be passed via a 'soql' queryString parameter
Optionally, you can also pass a 'title' queryString parameter to set the title of the feed
The script forces authentication, but many apache installations are configured to block the AUTHORIZATION header,
so the scirpt looks for X_HTTP_AUTHORIZATION instead, you can use a mod_rewrite rule to manage the mapping, something like this
Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ [E=X-HTTP_AUTHORIZATION:%{HTTP:Authorization},QSA,L]
I have this in a .htaccess file in the same directory as etc.
__version__ = "1.0"
__author__ = "Simon Fell"
__copyright__ = "(C) 2006 Simon Fell. GNU GPL 2."
import sys
import beatbox
import cgi
import cgitb
from xml.sax.xmlreader import AttributesNSImpl
import datetime
from urlparse import urlparse
import os
import base64
import string
sf = beatbox._tPartnerNS
svc = beatbox.Client()
_noAttrs = beatbox._noAttrs
def addRequiredFieldsToSoql(soql):
findPos = string.find(string.lower(soql), "from")
selectList = []
for f in string.lower(soql)[:findPos].split(","):
if not "id" in selectList: selectList.append("Id")
if not "systemmodstamp" in selectList: selectList.append("systemModStamp")
if not "createddate" in selectList: selectList.append("createdDate")
return string.join(selectList, ", ") + soql[findPos-1:]
def soql2atom(loginResult, soql, title):
soqlWithFields = addRequiredFieldsToSoql(soql)
userInfo = loginResult[beatbox._tPartnerNS.userInfo]
serverUrl = str(loginResult[beatbox._tPartnerNS.serverUrl])
(scheme, host, path, params, query, frag) = urlparse(serverUrl)
sfbaseUrl = scheme + "://" + host + "/"
thisUrl = "http://" + os.environ["HTTP_HOST"] + os.environ["REQUEST_URI"]
qr = svc.query(soqlWithFields)
atom_ns = ""
ent_ns = ""
print "content-type: application/atom+xml"
doGzip = os.environ.has_key("HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING") and "gzip" in string.lower(os.environ["HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING"]).split(',')
if (doGzip): print "content-encoding: gzip"
print ""
x = beatbox.XmlWriter(doGzip)
x.startPrefixMapping("a", atom_ns)
x.startPrefixMapping("s", ent_ns)
x.startElement(atom_ns, "feed")
x.writeStringElement(atom_ns, "title", title)
x.startElement(atom_ns, "author")
x.writeStringElement(atom_ns, "name", str(userInfo.userFullName))
rel = AttributesNSImpl( {(None, "rel"): "self", (None, "href") : thisUrl},
{(None, "rel"): "rel", (None, "href"): "href"})
x.startElement(atom_ns, "link", rel)
x.writeStringElement(atom_ns, "updated", datetime.datetime.utcnow().isoformat() +"Z")
x.writeStringElement(atom_ns, "id", thisUrl + "&userid=" + str(loginResult[beatbox._tPartnerNS.userId]))
type = AttributesNSImpl({(None, u"type") : "html"}, {(None, u"type") : u"type" })
for row in qr[sf.records:]:
x.startElement(atom_ns, "entry")
desc = ""
x.writeStringElement(atom_ns, "title", str(row[2]))
for col in row[2:]:
if col._name[1] == 'Id':
x.writeStringElement(atom_ns, "id", sfbaseUrl + str(col))
writeLink(x, atom_ns, "link", "alternate", "text/html", sfbaseUrl + str(col))
elif col._name[1] == 'SystemModstamp':
x.writeStringElement(atom_ns, "updated", str(col))
elif col._name[1] == 'CreatedDate':
x.writeStringElement(atom_ns, "published", str(col))
elif str(col) != "":
desc = desc + "<b>" + col._name[1] + "</b> : " + str(col) + "<br>"
x.writeStringElement(ent_ns, col._name[1], str(col))
x.startElement(atom_ns, "content", type)
x.endElement() # content
x.endElement() # entry
x.endElement() # feed
print x.endDocument()
def writeLink(x, namespace, localname, rel, type, href):
rel = AttributesNSImpl( {(None, "rel"): rel, (None, "href"): href, (None, "type"): type },
{(None, "rel"): "rel", (None, "href"): "href", (None, "type"): "type"})
x.startElement(namespace, localname, rel)
def authenticationRequired(message="Unauthorized"):
print "status: 401 Unauthorized"
print "WWW-authenticate: Basic realm="""""
print "content-type: text/plain"
print ""
print message
if not os.environ.has_key('X_HTTP_AUTHORIZATION') or os.environ['X_HTTP_AUTHORIZATION'] == '':
auth = os.environ['X_HTTP_AUTHORIZATION']
(username, password) = base64.decodestring(auth.split(" ")[1]).split(':')
form = cgi.FieldStorage()
if not form.has_key('soql'): raise Exception("Must provide the SOQL query to run via the soql queryString parameter")
soql = form.getvalue("soql")
title = "SOQL2ATOM : " + soql
if form.has_key("title"):
title = form.getvalue("title")
lr = svc.login(username, password)
soql2atom(lr, soql, title)
except beatbox.SoapFaultError, sfe:
if (sfe.faultCode == 'INVALID_LOGIN'):