Interactive CLI tool for querying Webtrends using SQL via the Windows ODBC driver
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WebtrendsQT is an interactive command line tool for querying a Webtrends analytics reporting web service via a Windows ODBC connection, allowing you to run psql and mysql like commands and raw SQL against databases respresenting reports.


  • pyDBCLI >= 0.1
  • PyODBC >= 2.0
  • Webtrends Windows ODBC driver


Install WebtrendsQT using easy_install:

easy_install WebtrendsQT

Or from the setup script:

python install


If you run wtqt without any arguments, the standard usage message will tell you the list of optionala and mandatory arguments to prompt up a wtqt prompt.

To get you going here's an example:

PS C:\blah> wtqt -h -d Webtrends -p foo -t bar
Webtrends Query Tool v0.1

This example was run in Windows PowerShell, a much nicer cmd.exe replacement by Microsoft. In this example we're relying on a System DSN already being setup in Windows called "Webtrends", with the username/password etc. PyODBC likes to complain if you don't provide it with a System DSN for the Webtrends driver, even if you override all the settings, right down to host and port.

To get started you can use help and ? to find out about available commands, most of which are based on psql (e.g. \d, l), but also have some custom ones like clear to clear the data cache (caches schema, lists, \d output etc., but not queries, these are always re-run) and \p which lists Webtrends profiles.