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A buildout extension to support basic HTTP authentication for find-links and recipe downloads
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isotoma pypirc: basicauth:credentials should override distutils:index-servers.
.gitignore Add buildout to build a test runner (and also exercise the extension)
CHANGES Back to development: 0.0.8 Add MANIFEST
README.rst Updated README Update bootstrap to cope with system installed buildout
buildout.cfg Remove the extension from its own buildout. Back to development: 0.0.8



This buildout extension allows your buildouts to use ${buildout:extends} or eggs that are protected by basic auth. The minimum configuration:

extensions = isotoma.buildout.basicauth

Any downloads that require basic auth will now prompt for a username and password. It will be stored in a secure keyring if one is available. If your credentials are in .pypirc they will be detected and used.

You can provide credentials to the extension via builout, for non-interactive situations. For example:

credentials =
interactive = no

uri =
username = user
password = chunky

Each of the credentials parts provides authentication details for a different uri. The part must contain a uri, user and password to be used by the extension.

The "interactive" option determines whether or not fetcher methods can prompt the user for input.

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