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This is a Buildout_ recipe that automates the download, configuration, and
deployment of Jython_, the Python_ environment implemented in Java_.


Java is a statically-typed, object-oriented, compiled programming language with
a vast standard application programmer interface (API) as well as enterprise
API.  Python is a dynamically-typed, object-oriented scripting language with a
vast API but fewer enterprise features.  Jython brings the agility of Python
to the elephantine vastness of Java by implementing the Python runtime in Java
and providing access to Java's APIs.

Buildout is a civilized, coarse-grained environment for managing repeatable
software deployments.  Buildout is driven by recipes, each of which accomplish
a specific goal, often in a cross-platform method.  This recipe,
``sk.recipe.jython``, enables the user to automatically download, configure,
and deploy Jython in a Buildout environment.

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