A slightly more advanced version of the zeoserver zeopack recipe
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Advanced zeopack recipe

The built-in zeopack component of the various plone server recipes is great, but we've got a couple of gaps:

  • Before we started using zeopack we are a custom packer that would rotate the backups made, allowing us to keep a few days of backups of our Data.fs. We missed it.
  • There isn't a zeopack-all to pack all your storages.
  • You can't control pack-days from the command line so you can't have different packing preferences per storage.

This recipe can pack all storages configured using your zeoserver and filestorage recipes.

The recipe

This recipe is meant to co-operate with the following zeoserver recipes:

It will use the zeopack settings set in these recipes (for example, pack credentials and pack-days).

It will also configure itself to pack any storages specified through the following recipes:

* http://pypi.python.org/pypi/collective.recipe.filestorage
* https://github.com/isotoma/isotoma.recipe.zope2instance/ (isotoma.recipe.zope2instance:filestorage)

An example of its use would be something like this:

recipe = isotoma.recipe.zeo
pack-rotate-days = 7

location = var/filestorage/catalog.fs
zodb-mountpoint = /portal/portal_catalog
zodb-cache-size = 100000
zeo-client-cache-size = 512MB
pack-rotate-days = 0
pack-days = 0

recipe = isotoma.recipe.zope2instance:filestorage
zeo = zeo
parts = portal_catalog

recipe = isotoma.recipe.zeopack
zeoserver = zeo
filestorage = filestorage

The script

If you use the recipe with a part called zeopack (as above) then you will have a bin/zeopack. If this is invoked with no arguments it will run with little output on stdout - only high severity events will be output.

Running bin/zeopack with -v will but it into verbose mode. Adding a 2nd -v will make it even more verbose.

You can use -d to turn on more debug output. Right now this just means you see log output from the zeo code as well as the zeopack code.