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This module is an alternative to ``ProxyErrorOverride On`` which either
overrides all errors or not and most of the time that is not what you want.
Install from source
Fairly standard make::
make proxyerrorcapture
sudo make install
Install from deb
Download from github and install with dpkg::
sudo dpkg -i libapache2-mod-proxyerrorcapture_0.0.0_amd64.deb
Enable it::
sudo a2enmod proxyerrorcapture
And turn it on in your vhosts::
ProxyErrorCapture 503 On
ProxyErrorCapture 500 On
ProxyErrorCapture 404 Off
Now 500 and 503 errors will be served emergency pages from Apache, but 404's
will still come from the proxied backend. Note that the default is ``off``.
Any ErrorDocument stanzas will be respected. He claims, not having actually
tested that bit.
* Is this per vhost? It should be really...
* Needs a beating / load test.