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What is Yaybu Sidekick?

Any good hero needs a sidekick, and Yaybu Sidekick is yours. Think of it as a Software Development Kit.. Kit. You can define a dev environment for your team and be sure everyone has that environment with one checkout and one Sidekick command. Better: when it changes they can run that command again and bring it up to date.

For teams using Yaybu to power their deployment, Yaybu Sidekick encourages your developers to think about their deployment up front instead of turning up on release day with a model plane kit with half the parts missing.


Installation is currently from git using the normal python setuptools incantations. I'll write better docs when this code is more useful.

Current Status

It has been working quite well with VMWare, and virtualbox and brightbox support is coming slong nicely.


Yaybu Sidekick is inspired by the excellent Vagrant project.

The low level ctypes bindings for VMWare were originally generated by Paul McGuire of pyparsing and are used and extended here with his blessing. Thanks Paul!

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