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How to contribute

This repository is used to document Isotope eCommerce. You are invited to contribute to it using pull requests.

We do have several different books, such as

  • manual
  • cookbook
  • etc.

Every book can have it's own pages. The config.json file in the root defines, how the book is being parsed on the official website (


A route directly after the root directory has to be defined as follows:

    "system_requirements": {
        "type": "regular",
        "title": "Systemvoraussetzungen"

The route (in this case system_requirements) can be of two different types.

regular for a normal content page. redirect for a page that should redirect to another route (scroll down to read about this).

title defines the title this page will get in the navigation module on

Defining sub pages (children)

You can use as many levels as you like. Just define the children for any route. Example:

    "system_requirements": {
        "type": "regular",
        "title": "Systemvoraussetzungen",
        "children": {
            "installation": {
                "title": "Installation"

Redirecting routes

You can redirect to a specific target route using the type and targetRoute configuration parameters:

"redirect_page": {
    "type": "redirect",
    "title": "I am a redirect page",
    "targetRoute": "system_requirements"

Why is every page a folder and contains an instead of just being one file?

This is a feature as if the documentation gets bigger, we might want to split one page in different files, so we're ready for the future :-)


Manual for Isotope eCommerce



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