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Jenkins, Isotope11 Style

This is a project to house a stylesheet that will make Jenkins look prettier than the default.

At isotope|eleven we use Jenkins CI for our continuous integration server. This is all good, but I kind of hate how it looks. So I built an open source project (it's what you do, right?) wherein I style it up using Sass.


Here's an example of what this project will make your jenkins look like

Our style

Jenkins Isotope Style

Stock Jenkins

This is what it looks like standard. Stock Jenkins

Using it for your organization

So this easy for you to modify and use for your own organization. Here are the steps you'd need to take.

  1. Install the Jenkins Simple Theme Plugin.
  2. Set your custom css to
  3. Fork our project, make your own changes (pull requests welcome!), add your organization's logo and colors.
  4. Run the ruby script provided to publish your stylesheet to github-pages for hosting, so you can just point your Jenkins custom CSS to your own fork.
  5. Tweak to your heart's content.


To run sass and compile the stylesheet as you make changes, run this:

sass --watch jenkins-isotope-style.scss:jenkins-isotope-style.css

To push the styles to github pages, which is where jenkins looks for them, make sure you've committed and pushed everything to master. Then run:

ruby copy_styles.rb

That'll do all the git magic. Now when you ctrl+refresh jenkins, your changes are there.