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This is a project to house a stylesheet that will make Jenkins look prettier
than the default.
+At [isotope|eleven][isotope] we use [Jenkins CI][jenkins] for our continuous
+integration server. This is all good, but I kind of hate how it looks. So I
+built an open source project (it's what you do, right?) wherein I style it up
+using [Sass][sass].
### Screenshots
Here's an example of what this project will make your jenkins look like
@@ -12,6 +17,18 @@ Here's an example of what this project will make your jenkins look like
This is what it looks like standard.
![Stock Jenkins](
+### Using it for your organization
+So this easy for you to modify and use for your own organization. Here are the
+steps you'd need to take.
+1. Install the [Jenkins Simple Theme Plugin][simple_theme].
+2. Set your custom css to ``
+3. Fork our project, make your own changes (pull requests welcome!), add your
+organization's logo and colors.
+4. Run the ruby script provided to publish your stylesheet to github-pages for
+hosting, so you can just point your Jenkins custom CSS to your own fork.
+5. Tweak to your heart's content.
### Development
To run sass and compile the stylesheet as you make changes, run this:
@@ -24,3 +41,8 @@ sure you've committed and pushed everything to master. Then run:
That'll do all the git magic. Now when you ctrl+refresh jenkins, your changes
are there.

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