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Xrono is an asset and time tracking application for consultants and consulting companies.
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Build Status

Xrono is a mature, open source, time tracking solution for your business. Developed by Isotope11, Xrono is intended to be a core technology for smooth operation of consultancies. Xrono allows team members to bill time against clients, and then admins to easily export invoices and payroll into their accounting systems. Beyond that, it has vacation time management, overtime, client access and notification, and many more features. Xrono is currently under active development, so feel free to check out our support section of our website if you have any questions.

Demo site

See it in action here.

You can log in as any of the following email addresses. All have the password '123456'


Here are some screenshots of what it looks like:

The developer dashboard


A ticket view

Ticket Details

Continuous Integration Trends

Test Result Trend

Test Result Trend

Rcov coverage

Rcov coverage

OAuth provider

Xrono is now an OAuth2 provider. Details on how you can totes verify this here.

Development Installation

Fork, then clone the repository to your development environment

gem install bundler
bundle install
# Copy one of the example database configurations.
cp spec/internal/config/database.yml.mysql spec/internal/config/database.yml
bundle exec rspec spec
bundle exec cucumber --require features


For support, please do one of the following:


We love contributions! please fork the project, make your changes in a branch, test them properly - rspec for model/lib/helpers) and cucumber for integration testing - then send us a pull request.


Be sure to add these to your gemfile, for some reason they aren't being picked up properly from the engine. gem 'jquery-ui-rails' gem 'chosen-rails'

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