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  • Separete clients from normal users in admin report
  • fix issue where ticket show page was not rendering work units in descending order of scheduled date.


  • Add totals to weekly time report


  • Bootstrap2 upgrade complete and in place.
  • Clean up various views to be more idiomatic rails3
  • Clean up display in general to be more happy-to-be-bootstrap
  • Change pie charts to progress bars
  • Make most active project show up at top of projects listing.
  • factor out a show_message method from dashboard code.


  • Link to projects in two week time report on dash.


  • Added better client dashboard to see monthly work unit statistics.


  • Refactored the way that work_units are loaded in the calendar.


  • Upgraded to rails 3.2
  • Removed fnordmetric as it was not compatible with the rails 3.2 upgrade
  • Ticket descriptions now render with markdown


  • Made minor modifications to the api for the cli app


  • Added data vault to store username and passwords


  • Added release note and xrono note functionality to projects


  • Added ability to create tickets while creating a new work unit


  • Added realtime metrics
  • Added github integration
  • Bar graphs for work units
  • Fixed a bug in work unit creation

    Now when you try to submit a work unit without a ticket you get a dialog


  • New client login feature:

    Users can now be given special login behavior via a "Client Login" checkbox Users with "Client Logins" will be isolated to the client_login namespace Users with "Client Logins" have an awesome experience to manage (add/update) their contacts and view their work units Users with "Client Logins" will also be able to see reporting on a per-ticket basis that shows a fancy pie chart. The pie chart displays a percentage of completion based on estimated time to complete a ticket and the ammount of that estimated time that remains.


  • Email notifications to clients as background jobs using Resque::Mailer
  • Styling changes to the admin/invoices page
  • A centralized reporting page for admins.
  • Ticket numbers on the project's index.
  • Reporting on Tickets based on estimated time to complete a ticket versus total effective hours on the ticket.
  • Showing the add ticket partial to admins.


  • No release notes were really kept prior to this date. Oops :)