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Multiprotocol messenger for windows XP and later with tox support


  • Standard features like:
    • Nickname customization
    • Status customization
    • Friendlist
    • One to one conversations
    • Message history
    • Unread messages notification
  • Autoupdate
  • Audio/Video calls
  • Desktop sharing via video calls
  • File transfers
  • File transfer resuming
  • UI Themes
  • Multilangual
  • Multiprofile
  • Metacontacts
  • Avatars
  • Faux offline messaging
  • DNS discovery (tox1 and tox3)
  • Tox group chats (and audio group chats)
  • Send message create time (only Isotoxin to Isotoxin)
  • Unlimited message length (only Isotoxin to Isotoxin)
  • Emoticons
  • Inline images
  • Spell checker + Spelling dictionary build-in downloader


Main Window (Dark Theme) Main Window (Light Theme) Settings) Prepare image)

Build instruction

Windows (Visual Studio 2015)

  • Visual Studio 2015 must be installed.

  • Command line git must be installed (it used to get some libs)

  • Enter build-win folder. Threre are 3 utils: 7z, grep, wget

  • run 1-get-libs.cmd - it will download some libs (such as zlib, pnglib and so on) from external sources. All you need is internet access. wget and git used to download, 7z used to unpack files.

  • run 2-build-libs-2015.cmd - it (re)builds external libs.

  • run 3-build-isotoxin-2015.cmd - build of isotoxin.exe, plghost.exe and proto.dll's.

  • run 4-build-assets.cmd - it creates - zip archive with Isotoxin assets. Also, you can take it from or from latest version archive.

  • sometimes you have to run 5-update-libs.cmd to update toxcore or/and download new external libs. Don't forget to run 2_build_libs.cmd again.

  • If you want to build 64-bit version of Isotoxin, just run 2-build-libs-2015.cmd and 3-build-isotoxin-2015.cmd with 64 parameter: 2-build-libs-2015.cmd 64 3-build-isotoxin-2015.cmd 64


(work in progress)