All necessary libs to build static toxcore using Visual Studio 2015
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All necessary libs to build static toxcore using Visual Studio 2015 (2013 is no longer supported)

Differences from the original toxcore

Current version of toxcore is toktok based, but has some advatages.

Main advantage is PERSISTENT GROUPCHATS compatible with current groupchats.

Tox_Options has addition const char * parameter:
const char * client_capabilities
if client_capabilities is NULL, toxcore-vs works identically to original one. You can provide non-NULL static string with TOX_CLIENT_CAPS_SIZE maximum length, and this string will be sent to another contact whenever the state of the contact becomes online. Other client can read this string with tox_friend_get_client_caps. This is way, that clients can identify clients to enable client-scpecific features.

There are some addition api functions in toxcore-vs:

  • const uint8_t *tox_friend_get_client_caps(const Tox *tox, uint32_t friend_number);
  • void tox_callback_cryptpacket_before_send(Tox *tox, tox_friend_cryptpacket_before_send_cb *callback, void *user_data);
  • bool tox_friend_send_lossless_packet2(Tox *tox, uint32_t friend_number, const uint8_t *data1, size_t length1, const uint8_t *data2, size_t length2);


1. Install Visual Studio 2015 any desktop version (if not yet)
2. run `build_libs_2015.cmd` to build 32 bit libs; run `build_libs_2015.cmd 64` to build 64 bit libs

Another way - create solution and add project (*.vcxproj) files, then build from msvs gui

PS. There are yasm.exe in vpx folder - it necessary to build asm files of vpx lib. If you don't want to run exe from untrusted source, you can download yasm.exe here: