an open-source MOAI based point-n-click graphical adventure engine
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adventure engine 1.1.0

adventure engine is a MOAI-based game engine for creating old '90s styled LucasArts graphical point-n-click adventure games. The engine is open-source, and permissively licensed, so that your games can be sold with no licensing hassles. adventure engine has most of the features you'd expect from a neo-classic adventure game including support for actors, dialogue, inventories, multiple verbs and by being written in lua - it seemlessly includes an expressive scripting language. In addition, it comes with a fully functional content editor and an art pipeline.

The codebase is broken into two main directories, src/ and game/. The former is for most of the genre-related, game-agnostic code: pathfinding, room loading, inventory management, etc. The latter directory contains all of the game-related portions of the game: individual characters, locations, conversations and interface, among other things.

Art assets can be created in synfig-studio, and imported into the game via the makefile. The wikipage on Costumes has more information.

Happy adventuring!

New Changes

New in version 1.1.0 is the persistence interface. There is now a automated game saving/loading system, and a unified API to work with it. See the sample code for details!

Also new in this version is the entire codebase has been commented, and outputted to HTML via ldoc.

Running on Linux

Make sure you install the prerequisites before attempting to compile on linux:

  • lua 5.1.4
  • metalua 0.4.1 RC1
  • imagemagick (for compile-time image building)
  • synfig 0.63.04 (for compile-time image building)

$ git clone git:// && git clone git:// && cd moai-dev && cd cmake && cmake . && make && cp src/hosts/moai-untz ../../adventure && cd ../../adventure

That should have build everything and if you're lucky you're good to go! Now you can start adventure via:

$ ./adventure

Running on Windows

Clone the adventure source

Install, and track down a metalua distributable. I don't have a windows box, and so I am unable to guide you much further than this. That being said, the code is platform agnostic and I will bet dollars to donuts that any difficulties you might experience will be with MOAI or metalua.

After all of that, try:


Easy, probably.